Chrysta is a mystic, medicine woman, teacher and energy worker who lives in the Interior of British Columbia. 

As a sensitive child growing up in rural British Columbia Chrysta always had a very special connection to Gaia.  Spending time in the wilderness catalyzed experiences of deep peace and vibrantly alive stillness which influenced her awakening. 

She has dedicated the past 20 years to “reading the book” of nature and journeying towards a deeper connection with all beings.  She spent many of the initial years walking through the forests, voraciously studying identification books and herbal material medicas.  Over the years as Chrysta's relationship to Gaia deepened many plants have transmitted their wisdom to her during her explorations of the local forests and mountains.  

Chrysta has dedicated herself to a Path of Service by endeavoring to embody and anchor ancient wisdom on our planet during this time of the great planetary ascension in consciousness.  


In Zen Buddhist philosophy, all of life is considered holy.  It is the Zen belief that all individual manifestations of life are interconnected by invisible lines of energy.  These lines of energy intimately connect everything in the universe to everything else, in and through the astral and causal dimensions. 
~ Rama