Vibrational Essence Consultation

High vibration solutions of flowers, plants, minerals or whatever I am guided to create them from.  They offer a vibrational blueprint of health, wholeness and wellness that encourages healing and rebalancing to occur.  Vibrational essences are ideal for resolving long-held patterns of emotional or spiritual imbalance and yet are equally valuable in major life transitions or crisis situations.  They are alchemical agents that facilitate deep transformation of body, mind soul and spirit.

To learn more about Vibrational Essences read my journal.                   

During a session you will be given the opportunity to share your story and identify a particular issue or issues that you want to address.  You will leave the session with a custom one ounce essence formulated to support you.

After the session I will send you a write up describing each essence in the formula and any other suggestions discussed during our time together.  

Initial 60 minutes
$80 per hour  

Follow up 45 - 60minutes
 $55 per hour

Includes custom one ounce flower essence formula sans shipping.

These consultations can be done in-person or by phone or Skype.

Appointments must be rescheduled or cancelled by email/telephone within 24 hours before a session.

There is always magic around you - you just have to shift your perspective
~ Tuatha De Danann ~ 2015