Music of The Plants

The Music of the Plants Device was developed by Damanhur (an eco-spiritual community in Italy).  It is a biofeedback machine that measures the electromagnetic variations between a plants leaves and its roots translating these variations into sound.

To learn more about Music of The Plants read my journal.

Some of the ways I work with the Music of the Plants device are

  • Integrating it into healing sessions which facilitates deeper work.
  • Connecting the device to a particular plant while making an essence.  The vibration of their song is captured in the water, which adds to the Essences' healing potency.
  • Hosting Plant meditations and offering Plant concerts.
  • Incorporating the device into my Plant communication workshops.
  • Listening to the Plants' music as background music, which increases heart entrainment, as well as clarity and tranquility.
  • Meditating while a Plant is singing.

To enquire about a personal or group session with Music of the Plants please contact me.

You are complex interconnecting fields of energy, including both light and sound.  The various cells that comprise the organs and systems of your body emit sound vibrations - frequencies - that are complex and interconnect with other cells, thus creating complex cellular resonances....In fact the entire universe of your body is a walking symphony.  You are luminous eggs of cascading energy, creating multiple cascading resonances of sound.  Your body, for instance, is a standing wave pattern created through many forces, and these various standing waves that comprise your body are in resonance to the Earth, and are also affected by the resonant shifts the Earth is going through.  
Tom Kenyon ~ The Hathors